Thursday, May 13, 2010

Women Harrassed in Tehran

Video: Women harassed in Tehran

by Julie Jigsawnovich

I remember reading about a group of guys who tried to rape a girl in Iran. She stabbed one of them, so they left without raping her.  But the guy she stabbed died later from the wound. Then she was convicted of murder. There are attempted rapes and stabbings in the U.S. too, but a woman here can declare self-defense.

Three guys robbed me in Brooklyn, and were starting to grope me like they were going to rape me. I swung a piece of metal close to the head of their leader and scared them away. But if I had smashed his head in and killed him instead at least I could have claimed self-defense in court.

I recommend studying Wing Chun Kung Fu. This is a good self-defense form to use when fighting a larger opponent. It was developed by Bhuddist nuns to fight off men invading and trying to rape them. It is very effective.  Bruce Lee also used Wing Chun as the basis of the fighting style he developed.

Watching this video makes me thankful that there were at least a few good men at that scene who helped the women escape the crowd.  And it makes me extra proud of my friend who told me:
"Last week I saw a mullah beat a 17year old girl in front of us, in the street! He punched the girl and said, "You don't have to call him again, I'm your stepfather!" And me and our friends went there and beat the mullah!"


  1. LOL! thanks for mention & not to mention my name! LMAO! well i recommend Boxing or Street Fighting ! thats better! and yeah unfortunately if you try to protect your self and kill the other guy you will die in iran!

  2. Wow, is that also true for men if they kill someone who is trying to assault them?