Saturday, May 15, 2010

France & Iran Detainee Swap?

BBC reports:

"A French lecturer charged with spying in Iran after last June's disputed election will be allowed to leave the country on Sunday, says her lawyer...

"The 25-year-old was accused of espionage and e-mailing photographs of anti-government protests...

"The BBC's Hugh Schofield in the French capital says that with France at the forefront of efforts to punish Iran for its nuclear programme, there has been suspicion Ms. [Clotilde] Reiss was being held to put pressure on Paris.

"Last week, France freed an Iranian engineer whom it detained for allegedly exporting electronic parts illegally to sell to Iran's military.

"The US had wanted to extradite Majid Kakavand, but a French court rejected the request last week and he was allowed return home."

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