Friday, May 28, 2010

Top Picks for Democracy Video Challenge

Top pick for each category in the Democracy Video Challenge:
(click through for widescreen)
Near East 
ATTN: Mr. Democrat
Europe Eurasia
Democracy is... POSSIBLE

East Asia Pacific
Democracy is....struggle of freedom desire!

Western Hemisphere
Democracy Is...The Right of Life

South & Central Asia
Democracy is the message by the people

Democracy Is...

How to vote:
Sign in to Youtube.

2.) Go to
3.) Click on "VOTE" button.

4.) Search for the video you want to vote for, and click on it when it comes up.
Enjoy the video and click on the green "thumbs up" button. 
(You will know your vote was counted because you will see the red thumb turn gray.)

Vote once a day until midnight of June 15th, when the final judging round closes. Tell your friends.

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