Saturday, May 8, 2010

Video of Rabin's murder as never seen before

November 4,1995 CNN reported:
Rabin assassinated at peace rally

"TEL AVIV, Israel (CNN) -- Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated at a peace rally Saturday night in Tel Aviv's Kings Square, a top aide confirmed. He was reportedly shot in the arm and back by a Jewish man in his mid-20s who is allegedly affiliated with right-wing extremist groups.
"Rabin was walking to his car after the rally when he was shot. The 73-year-old prime minister later died in surgery at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.
"The gunman has been identified as Yigal Amir, a law student at Bar Ilan University who had been involved in right-wing causes, Israel television reported. It said Amir, a resident of the central town of Herzeliya, had connections to the far-right group Eyal. Israeli television said police arrested Amir after the shooting.
"Amir confessed to the assassination and reportedly told investigators, "I acted alone on God's orders and I have no regrets."

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