Saturday, May 29, 2010

Karroubi, regarding political parties in future of Iran

Masih Alinejad interviewed Mehdi Karroubi for Rah-e-Sabz and provided a translation for Here is an excerpt:
Masih Alinejad: "One of the demands constantly mentioned in these statements is holding free elections. Is there any hope that one day party-based parliamentary or presidential elections will be held? Do you think that the notion of “party” will have a place in the future of Iran? When we speak of political parties do we mean a party with the ability to influence the state based on the votes it receives from the people?
Mehdi Karroubi: "This is what we should be seeking but there are two difficult obstacles ahead. The first one is the regime which does not wish such a thing, and the second is that the political groups are not used to organisational work and I have said many times that these groups are either oppose party-based activity or evade it. Party-based action is quite difficult in Iran and we need time to learn how to approach a party in the country."

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