Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Nuclear-free Middle East Would Include Israel

(Ellen Tauscher is Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security.)

"…QUESTION: Yes, my name is (inaudible) Egyptian newspaper. The American invitation for a non-nuclear Middle East region, what exactly about the Israeli program – Israeli nuclear program. Is there any American push for the Israeli delegation to unveil its nuclear program? Thank you.

"UNDER SECRETARY TAUSCHER: We are working with our friends in Egypt and many members of the non-aligned movement and other Arab states on the 1995 Middle East WMD-free zone resolution. Israeli is a not a party to the NPT, will not be at the NPT. What’s important to see is that we have a very good opportunity to go forward both on balancing the requirements of the 1995 resolution for a opportunity to look to have a free zone in the Middle East and the areas of noncompliance – the countries of noncompliance that are also in the Middle East. So I think –

"QUESTION: But there isn’t any American push on the Israeli state to unveil itself –

"UNDER SECRETARY TAUSCHER: The United States has always stood for universality of the NPT."

Watch the video and read the full text of Press Releases: Briefing on the Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference
 Fri, 30 Apr 2010 20:41:41 -0500 here.

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