Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Israeli scientist calls for nuclear disclosure

APF, via Al Arabiya reports from Occupied Jerusalem:

"Uzi Even, a Tel Aviv University chemistry professor and former worker at Israel's Dimona reactor, said U.S. President Barack Obama's campaign for global nuclear arms reduction is a sign of changing times and Israel must get in step.

" 'The policy of nuclear ambiguity, by which we fool only ourselves and nobody else, is not good for us any more...We could open Dimona to international inspection,' the former member of parliament with the left-wing Meretz party told Israeli army radio on Monday"

(Julie Jigsawnovich thinks to herself, "Nuclear ambiguity didn't help Saddam, did it!? Yep, time for disclosure. And Israel should join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty while they're at it!)

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