Monday, July 6, 2009

Washington Sq. Park Rally for Iran

Add your name to a green scroll that will be installed on the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

The New York Chapter of Where Is My Vote? activists for democracy encourages supporters of human rights of Iranian students to gather in Washington Square Park on Thursday, July 9th from 7-10pm, and to sign a giant GREEN banner which will sewn together with banners from around the world and dropped from the Eiffel Tower.

Their press release states that, "Iran loves anniversaries. 'The next one, and perhaps most pivotal to the current movement, happens to fall on Thursday of this week: the 18th of Tir (or 9th of July.)'

'On that day in 1999 students protesting the closing of the reformist newspaper Salaam were attacked in their dormitories in Tehran and Tabriz. Six days of protests ensued, which began with several hundred students and blossomed into thousands of people from all walks of life supporting the demonstrations. They were the biggest display of [protest] sentiment in the Islamic Republic’s then twenty-year history, and they were put down by the regime with a mandate by the threatened leadership to stop the unrest “at any cost."'

“Sounds familiar.”

Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of the 18th or Tir. While the date has been marked with numerous protests of the last ten years this anniversary takes on special significances. The chatter is saying this could be a big day in Iran but we also know that authorities will try to lock the cities down ahead of time. Either way let us show the people of Iran, especially the students how comprise most of the dead and imprisoned, that we are watching what the regime is doing. They are not alone especially on a day like the 18th of Tir."

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