Wednesday, July 22, 2009

American Socialists show support for Iranian protesters

I consider myself a socially-responsible Capitalist who has respect for some Socialist ideas (I certainly support public education, public post office, public library, and public healthcare.) I'm not as critical of Obama as the author of the following linked article is. And I recently attended a panel discussion of scientists (at the World Science Festival) where a new generation of nuclear reactors that can actually run on what the US stores as nuclear waste was mentioned. Nonetheless, the general tone and thrust of the article are refreshing--especially after seeing some Leftists side with the brutal crackdown by Khamenei/Ahmadinejad/Revolutionary Guards:

Here's an excerpt:

"The brutal repression of the popular upsurge against Iran's ruling clique of Islamic clerics only postpones the inevitable. Iran's theocracy has lost the confidence of its people, as militant protests continue on the streets of Tehran.

"The Socialist Party USA stands with the people of Iran in demanding an immediate end to arbitrary rule and the holding of genuinely free and open elections. We believe that the complete separation of religious institutions and the state is an essential prerequisite for a democratic society. Every resident of a nation should have the same rights and privileges, no matter what her or his religious belief may or may not be..."

Almost sounds like Thomas Jefferson.

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