Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mousavi Khoeini Speaks at NYC 18Tir Anniversary Rally

The New York Chapter of Where is My Vote organized yet another great, spirited rally, on Thursday, July 9th. Former Iranian Member of Parliament, Mousavi Khoeini spoke at this event. He was elected to Parliament, in part, because of his involvement in helping students who participated in the 1999 "18Tir" protests in Iran--after the newspaper Salaam was shut down by the government. He was also an outspoken advocate of Iranian women in their struggle for equal rights. Khoeini's impassioned and reasoned speaking at this event gave further proof to the fact that, not only have there already been some very good legislators and leaders in Iran who are progressively democratic--it is especially vital to support the rights of democratic voters in Iran now, at this time in history.

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