Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mohammad Mostafaei released after paying $100,000.00

My friend Reza J. sent me this update. I don't have the link:

4:44 PM ET -- Iran activist released from Evin prison. On the website of his organization 'Stop Child Executions,' Mohammad Mostafaei posts a message titled, "Free after 7 days."

This afternoon after paying 1 billion Rials (about $100,000 USD) , being accused of conspiracy against the security of the government and propaganda against the regime, I was released from section 209 of the Evin prison (in Tehran)

I greatly am thankful to all of those who had a role in gaining my freedom.

My imprisonment made me more determined than ever to solidly stand for human rights

Remain strong and standing

Mohammad Mostafaei

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