Thursday, April 22, 2010

Support Science, not only Sexuality

Regarding the worldwide Boobquake solidarity protest planned for Monday morning:

Women in Iran (and other countries too) are preyed upon by uniformed rapists no matter what they wear or where they are. It would be especially dangerous for a woman in Iran to wear sexy clothes in public (and even more dangerous in Saudi Arabia, I hear) because it is illegal. 

But in countries where women have the right to dress sexy if they want to, I say let's do it as an act of solidarity!  But we also have to take into consideration what is appropriate to our work situations, etc.

And for women who do not want to dress sexy, but who support science (and men who want to show solidarity too) maybe they could make a sticker that says, "Support science!" or "Down with superstition!" or "Support Women's Rights!"   Myself, I want to have my photo taken with a sign that says, "I support science, sexual freedom and personal responsibility."  If anyone can help me  translate that into Persian and into Arabic, that would be great!

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