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Hichkas Ye Rooze Khoob Miad Lyrics: Neda Soltani Reference?

Julie Jigsawnovich asked her friend, Adrenaline, to translate and discuss the lyrics to the new Hichkas song, "Ye Rooze Khoob Miad" which Soroush Lashkary (Hichkas) co-wrote with his producer, Mahdyar Aghajani. Although Adrenaline certainly cannot speak for Hichkas or for Mahdyar, he has lived in Iran all his life and is very insightful, and well-versed in Iranian Hip Hop and in recent Iranian political events.

What's your opinion of "Ye Rooze Khoob Miad"? ( "A Good Day Will Come")
Andrenaline: Unforgettable.
What's Hichkas saying?
Andrenaline: It starts like this :
"A good day will come that we won't kill each other/won't look at each other in a bad way/We will be friends with each other/putting arms around our shoulders/like childhood in school--and none of us will be jobless/We're rebuilding the IRAN/I can't translate this part./"After all this blood rains, someday a rainbow will show up/The sky won't be from stone anymore/river's color won't be red like roses/"mozan azan begoo." "moazen" is someone who pronounces some religious words when it's praying time. azan is praying time.
Jigsawnovich: So poetic!
Adrenaline: Totally. It says, "moazen…" "Do your job."
"The sky won't be from stone anymore/River's color wont be red like roses/
mozan azan begoo/God is great…hope you will be away from trouble/Mom…pray for us tonight!"

That was the first verse.
"As long as I know…this nation always said that a good day will come."
But lemme explain this one for you.
"ta jaayi ke yadame in khaak hamishe NEDA miad ke ye rooze khoob miad "
So, it's somehow related to Neda Agha Soltani (R.I.P)…but the translation is:
"as long as I know…this nation always said that a good day will come.
So he's making a reference to Neda, but not in a real obvious way?
Adrenaline: Yup.

Adrenaline: "That there is no anarchy, and in crowds/we'll give each other cookies instead of calling bad names."
Wow, Neda can be a name--and my Farsi dictionary say it also means, "a call, an evocation."
Adrenaline: The translation is not that bad, but it's the best that I could… Exactly. "We are good and everything is alright/only we are missing our friends who aren't here/Blood will remain in body and it won't be introduced to sky and ground/It (blood) won't collapse and be thrown away/so mothers won't have to visit a child's grave/The home won't be a 'panahgah' (somewhere you feel safe at wars) with war outside the house/God damn, I'm torn apart inside…like Bam."
You know the story of Bam, the city, right?
No idea.
Adrenaline: Bam is a city of Iran…like seven years ago…an earthquake came to Bam…and after that….there is no Bam! 90% of the people of the city died in that accident. It was terrible. So Hichkas says,
"God damn I'm torn apart inside…like Bam or like Hiroshima after the bomb/I don't know/I'm burning and singing this song/You might think to yourself that I'm crazy/but a good day will come…I know it."
This was the second verse.
verse 3 :
"Hey! When a good day will come…nothing might remain of us but happiness and goodness/--no more unsafeness…everything is safe."
Can't translate this part...skipping...
Adrenaline: "Sky…wow, it's beautiful/Beside the grave is green…trees and flowers/No more brains are getting away." (He is talking about the genius people of Iran… who will immigrate to other countries which give credit to them.)
"It will be okay if you stay on/No other countries will take advantage of our country/Don't say: 'Oooo, where is tomorrow?!"
This is my favorite part of the song:
"If I'm not here anymore/I want you to make me a promise/that you will give a flower to every soldier you see."
AWESOME , especially the words in Farsi.
"No more birds inside the cages/and no more open minded women are 'biveh.' "
Adrenaline: A woman who married, and got divorced is called biveh. Being biveh is not a good thing in our culture right now.
So, he is saying, don't look down on divorced women?
Adrenaline: F---ing 3rd world--and it's not a good word either.
Is he showing support for open minded women?
Adrenaline: He said,
"No more will open minded women become "biveh" for their thoughts."
That's right.
"My daughter…your dad is coming home…./go and make the table for dinner."
The end.
Eyval! (Good job!) He is saying men should not divorce women for being open minded women?
Adrenaline: Yup.
Adrenaline: Extremely cool! You can't feel like how I feel. You should be Persian and you should live your whole life in Iran to understand the words and expressions he's using in his song.
When he talks about giving flowers to soldiers, what does that mean?
Adrenaline: And as you may know…the name of the song is, "A Good Day Will Come."
Is he saying to honor the soldiers?
Adrenaline: 50% is that.
Or to help make the soldiers peaceful towards the people in Iran?
Adrenaline: After the election when soldiers beat up the protesters in streets, usually protesters gave 'em roses to make them ashamed for what they'd done to their people. So somehow it's related to this.
Wow! You translated all the words Hichkas says?
Adrenaline: was the best I could do. You should ask for the better translation from Mahdyar.
Kheyli motashekkeram tarjome-e shoma! (Thank you so much for your translation!)
Adrenaline: You're welcome.
Ghashang! (Beautiful!) Is it okey if I publish your translation on my blog if i credit you as Adrenaline, and mention that an official translation will be coming soon on Mahdyar's website? (You can also hear the song there.)
Adrenaline: Yep, that's okay with me.
Adrenaline is working on some tracks of his own. I'll keep you posted, when he releases them!
March 19 UPDATE:
People are telling me that "biveh" means widowed, not divorced.
They are telling me that the part in the Hichkas song is about women's husbands getting killed, not about their husbands divorcing them.
Adrenaline: I know what widow means--a person who is in a relationship and his/her wife/husband died. It can be biveh too! It is a slang! Thats how people use this word. Who cares what "biveh" means EXACTLY in a dictionary. In society, people use it the way I told.
You said it wasn't a good word. People are making fun of the woman who is divorced, by acting like her ex-husband died?
Adrenaline: No, they don't make of her--but it's mean!
So tell me, because Hichkas talks about no more birds in cages--
is this why you figured that he mean slang "divorced" woman instead of actual widow?
Adrenaline: Thats right.
Cool! So maybe this is a tricky thing Hichkas is doing, like the Neda Soltan reference--like it could be taken two different ways.
Adrenaline: The Neda part--yes. The biveh part--no !
I mean as a person who lived his entire life in Iran, I don't know the dictionary meaning of "biveh", but I do know the meaning that society gave to this word.
Cool! What about the open-minded woman--what was the Farsi term for this?
Adrenaline: Its complicated. I'm not good at that part.
Okay, well thanks for the hard work you did translating.

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  1. biveh means widow :|

  2. Jigsawnovich: Please see the update I added to the end of the article in response to the controversy over "biveh."

  3. This guy carries on and on that he knows because
    he lived in Iran his whole life but he screws up most the translation. Yes, biveh in Iranian society is used in slang to put a woman down, like she is less-than or dishonored somehow so Hich-Kas is saying not to put down or tear down the open-minded woman. That her status not be spit upon because she speaks openly about her thoughts and ideas which often are in opposition to what society says she should think and pretend she is.