Monday, January 18, 2010

Iranian Rap: Quf feat. Bidad "Basse Moftbari", produced by Mahdyar Aghajani

This track is so extremely haunting, beautiful, and intense that it is almost painful--in a good way. I love the music, Bidad's eerie traditional vocals and Quf rapping the slang poetry. Plus, the production and mix are deep and amazing.
The song and an English translation of the lyrics can be found at , as well as the track credits:
Title: Basse Moftbari
Rapper: Quf
Traditional Vocals: Bidad
Producer: Mahdyar Aghajani
Written by: M. Aghajani, A. Ghahremani, A. Ghassemi, S. Lashkari, J. Rowhani
Mixed by: Mahdyar Aghajani, Guy Buss
Mastered by: Guy Buss

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