Sunday, August 23, 2009

Poem: The Truth Lives On/Die Wahrheit Lebt Noch/Haghighat Zende Mimaanad

I come from the Great Satan.
Hastam gully Amrikani.
I like Neue Deutsche Welle
va she'r Irani.
[Names of poets]
[Names of poets] ehteraam.
Words can be more powerful than guns and bombs.
When the smoke clears,
The truth lives on.

Einstuerzende hochbauen
hat neu gesezt gebracht.
Viele sagt, "Ja," und
Wenige hat gefragt.
Now we see Irani people
fighting for their rights.
It makes me feel nostalgic.
We once fought for our rights!
After the tears,
The truth lives on.

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