Friday, June 26, 2009

Ballsy Iranian politician tells it like it is

Rowdy Conservatives in Majlis [Iranian Parliament] tried to shout Ayatollah Alikhani down and get him off the podium, but he humored them and continued:

"...announcement of an outcome totally opposite of this vote and people's will from those who are involved in the election process have caused astonishment and disappointment of large portion of the people of Islamic Iran. In its first step it caused a rift in people's trust in the system and people in charge. What happened was below the dignity of the epic Iranian people: that they stole the people's vote through plunder of public resources in the name of justice by some [sic] from organizations in power from before and up to the day of election, and biased position of the national media and other sources of media dependent on the government, creation of an atmosphere full of fear and supported by accusations."

This video is reportedly from June 16th, transliterated from the Islamic calender date.

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